blacktus. = GUARANTEE

About us

blacktus. has been offering digital solutions to its clients since 2017. Our activities can be divided into two groups, programming and graphic design. These two areas perfectly reflect the needs and problems of our clients. With our work, we help you promote your company or, if necessary, reduce your workload. Our goal is to make your business visible to everyone and transparent for you.

I would like to promote my business

If you want to make your business visible, we can support you with the following services:

- Corporate identity design (logo, business card, folder, letterhead)

- Advertising materials (leaflet, product and company catalog)

- Social media poster

- Website creation (introductory, landing)

- Search engine optimization (SEO)

I would like to reduce my workload

The following developments have already helped others with their work:

- Inventory management

- Invoice management

- Order management

- Time tracking system

- Project management

- Appointment booking system

The applications we develop are created module by module, in close collaboration with our clients. We provide availability and technical support for each of these even after the project is completed.